Finally - A Use for those Neglected Emojis!

If you write a blog after half a bottle of wine, this is what you come up with.

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There are many emojis that grace not only our texts, but our Insta feed, Twitter, and Facebook. Emojis have become a found a solid place in online advertising and are even the reason behind why you are clicking those pesky marketing e-mails.

But, alas, there are many emojis who rarely, if ever, see the light of day. I have some new uses for those neglected emojis listed below, so that they too can help influence your clicking and buying decision. Or at least come out of the depths of the emoji keyboard.

👻 Ghost
This friendly little guy only ever sees use in October, and is often smothered and surrounded by other similar emojis, such as pumpkin and party hat. Come November 1st, he is back to only ever being accidentally pressed as he sits in your recently used section and then off he goes into the depths of the emoji bank. Fear not - he has a new use! Next time you are ghosting someone, for example, your one-time Tinder date, and they are not getting the hint and insisting that they are entitled to a response from you, simply send this ghost. Upon receipt of this emoji they should better understand that they are being ghosted. The happy and fun expression of the ghost may even deter them from an unnecessary response inquiring as to why.

🕴 Floating Man
This is Criss Angel Mindfreak in his peak days, doing his well-loved levitation street magic. Use this when you’re going to his show. Since this will likely be never, feel free to use it whenever you are blessed to see a spectacular display of douchebaggery on the street.

🤼 🤼 Wrestlers
These emojis are adults playing paddy cakes. Use this when you or someone you are texting with is being incredibly immature for their age. For example, if I allowed comments on blogs, you may comment with a series of these to display how professional and business-centred you find this blog to be.

🎠 Carousel Horse
To use when you’ve been stabbed through the heart, much like this carousel horse.

☄ Fiery Nugget
I am sure this is meant to be a comet, but whenever I look at it I get the flavour of hot-sauce-covered boneless wings in my mouth. Use this whenever the food is too damn spicy to eat, yet too delicious to resist. Send as many fiery nuggets as you feel necessary to properly grade your mouth spiciness level.

◽ Assortment of Squares
This unfortunate creation, the 10 similar but not quite the same black and white squares will never have a use. If you have a use, please share. In order to even get a picture of these creations, I had to press them and screen cap, because Google has better things to provide than an image of these useless emojis. This means that these ten squares are now lurking in my recently used selection and have pushed other, more deserving, emojis out.

I hope this blog was useful and informative.

Posted by Samantha Lloyd

Samantha is the co-founder and CEO of DevoKit. When she isn't busy running around like an overly-organized and well-prepared chicken with its head cut off, she can be spotted reading the Harry Potter series for the umpteenth time or pretending to have opinions about wine and cheese pairings (all cheese goes with all wine, let's be honest). Her goal is to encourage other women to explore their interests in technology and engineering fields.

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