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Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro having the right tool for the job is essential to improving your workflow and becoming a more efficient web developer. In the past few years we have seen a rampant development in the capabilities and sheer numbers of libraries, APi’s and IDE’s. With all of these tools out there sometime finding the right ones for your project can be a little daunting. That’s why we put together this list of 7 essential tools every web developer needs.

1. Atom, or maybe Sublime, ok fine Visual Studios
The first thing every web developer will need is a good integrated development environment (ide) and in this writer’s opinion this is largely based on personal opinion, although every list out there usually includes these three. Try them out see which one you jam with the most. Personally, I give a slight edge to Visual Studio.

If you have ever create a website for a client, you understand the frustration and futility of trying to explain filler text. “Why is this in another language”, “did you write this”, “what does this mean” just some of comments you can avoid by using this free mock-up font.

3. Fontello
Fontello is a great resource if you’re looking for specific, stylish icons for your project. The use of icons has become really popular as of late and any good developer knows you can never have enough icons. Fontello Icons also have great customizability and integrate easily into your project.

4. Chrome Developer Tools
I can’t say enough good things about this nifty tool for Google Chrome. Inspecting different elements of your website, rooting out bugs from your code, and editing your HTML and CSS in real time is only a Control, Shift, C away. Currently in the USA 71% of minutes spent online are on a mobile device so making sure your website is mobile optimized is the greatest feature of the Chrome Developer Tools. You might be saying to yourself, “I already knew that one” well some people might not have, ok.

5. Moqups
Many times before you can roll up your sleeves and start coding you have to begin by creating a design and general outline of your project. Any UX/UI designer understands the benefit of a wire frame to understanding the overall look and feel of your website. Moqups is a great Free(Kinda) tool for designing wire frames of your project.

6. Browser Calories
Websites are getting bigger and bigger these days with 2 median web pages being the same size as the original Doom game. Browser Calories is a great tool for setting performance budgets and measuring if a page is exceeding these numbers. Ultimately increasing retention and improving SEO.

7. Stack Overflow
You are not a true developer until a bug you can’t figure out has you screaming at your computer and doubting the choices you made in your life that led you to this very moment. Fret not, because the amazing community at Stack Overflow is great at solving your bugs and getting you back on track.

Posted by Lisen Kaci

Lisen is the co-founder and CTO of DevoKit, taking on the lead developer role. He is currently building an iPhone app, to be published in 2017, mastering his skills in Swift and XCode. Alongside his business partner, he plans to take DevoKit international and empower others to learn more about the growing fields of engineering and technology.

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