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Marketing yourself online takes time and strategy. We teach you the proper techniques to implement to obtain your online goals.


We help you strategize and plan your marketing calendar for social media. We know which social media is most appropriate for your business and how to best use these tools to garner engaged (real!) followers.


Building link-backs for your website is partially; posting your business to relevant websites and partially driving traffic through external content. Writing content for other relevant websites that link back to you is a large part of this. The websites that rank are the ones that other websites are talking about.


E-mail marketing is still the number one technique that moves clients through the sales funnel. We will build a campaign and drip campaigns to attract and keep your clients.


It's one thing to have fans on social media, it's another to have people actively pushed through the sales funnel. Make the most of your accounts with strategized A/B ad testing, ad implementation, and KPI measurement.


Designing a successful Google or PPC Ad can be a challenge - especially in a busy online market. We will build a campaign with you. DevoKit handles building different landing pages, A/B testing, copywriting, analytics and reviews.


We help you rank on local search through building and maintaining your Google+ Business Page.

Testing your Ads

It takes more than just snappy copy to attract your clients

Finding your Clients

Are your clients searching you through desktop or mobile? Are they finding you on Google Maps or through social platforms? Are they going direct to your website? If you don't know the answer to these questions, do not worry! We can find the answer to these and many more. Once we know how your clients find you, we can base our ad strategy around that information to get you the most solid lead for your money.

Customize your Ad

Your ad needs to attract your audience, and more often than not you're not sure what is (or what isn't) driving your traffic through the sales funnel. Testing your ads with varied copy, colour, call-to-action placement, and more helps you discover what leads to a successful sale and how to get the best click for your dollar.

Push Towards KPIs

Your Key Performance Indicators are different based on the campaign - do you want a video to be watched? Are you looking for more e-mail sign-ups? Do you want people to make a purchase of a specific item? Using the knowledge gained from where to target your clients and how to target your clients, we are able to push these leads through to the KPIs.

Connect & Re-Market

It is important that regardless whether a lead made it through the entire process that your business has a way to stay in touch. The best way to do so is to build a personal connection through e-mail or social media for marketing and re-marketing. Building solid e-mail drip campaigns that are customizable to the lead's placement in the sales funnel is key to success.

Analytics & Review

Once the ad has run its course the process is not yet over. We review all analytics available to us and create you an easy to interpret document of the successes and improvements needed. This allows you to track growth over time as your KPIs and business needs change.

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