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Building and designing a great website is about more than just a pretty layout. Your website needs to drive traffic and engage leads and clients effectively. Each part of your website is built & designed specifically with the user experience in mind, increasing your leads and sales.

RESEARCH is key to understanding your industry and your competitors who are successful in ranking and attracting business through their online presence and website. Ensuring that your website stands out from the competition, but is also aligned with industry standards, is important for success.
DevoKit works with you to STRATEGIZE a plan that can be implemented effectively to drive traffic. Your strategy will be based on your business's online needs, your competitors successes and failures online, and how your customers respond, browse, and shop online.
DESIGN is more than just the use of proper, SEO-driven content and imagery. It's about creating a website that puts customers through the sales funnel. Further, a well-designed website has a major focus on UX/UI and responsive and mobile design. With nearly 70% of purchasing decisions being made through mobile, it is important that your website operates accordingly across different platforms.
When we DEVELOP a website for your company or organization, we ensure that it is unique and built to your business's needs. With endless backend attachment capabilities, we can build your website to manage user profiles, e-commerce functions, payment or subscription management, and more. Everything is customizable and anything you want can be built.
The big LAUNCH is all about testing. Integrating analytics and advertising your website through our additional services can help you understand how your website is performing and how customers or leads are reacting. We proudly offer free hosting to help you launch your website upon completion.
We like to say, "Having a beautiful website and no digital marketing is similar to paying for a billboard and hiding it in your basement." Get your website out there! DevoKit can help you PROMOTE your website through social media, pay-per-click advertising, or implementing off-page SEO tactics. We have many additional services that can be tailored to your needs.
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Websites Designed to Perform

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